Brazil Nuts Benefits

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Hi! This is Cassandra presenting an article on benefits of Brazil Nuts.

Brazil nut is a tree that is found in the large forests of South America. It is also found on the banks of river Amazon, Orinoco and Rio Negro.

It is not only beneficial to health but it is also used in a number of othe industries, like paints, lubricants, cosmetics, timber etc.

The benefits of Brazil nuts include:
1. Rich in monounsaturated fats- Brazil nuts contain monounsaturated fats which make it a healthy food for the heart. These fats help reduce cholesterol in the blood thus preventing risk of heart attacks and strokes.

2. Provides antioxidants to the body- The nuts contain selenium which helps in activating the enzymes that detoxify rancid fat usually found in membranes.

3.Helps in prevention of cancer- Selenium which is present in the nuts helps to prevent occurrence of many kinds of cancers such as skin cancer, prostrate, lung and colon cancer.

4. Improves the functioning of thyroid gland- Selenium is a component of enzyme that converts thyroxin into triiodothyronine. So the intake of Brazil nuts speed up this conversion process and is helpful for people on conventional thyroid medication.

5. Boosts up the immunity- Selenium forms glutathione that is responsible for recycling of Vitamin C, which in turn recharges Vitamin E. This Selenium helps in boosting the immune system.

6) Brazil nuts assist in controlling weight. High protein and fiber content helps to control hunger and thereby lose weight.

7) Brazil nuts are very rich in omega-6 fatty acids which help in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

8) Brazil nuts can prove beneficial in a very rare disorder known as ' Acrodermatitis enteropathica'. In this disorder, the body fails to absorb sufficient amount of zinc from the diet leading to zinc deficiency. Brazil nuts contain a high level of zinc which is helpful.

9) Selenium in brazil nuts help in preventing blood clots.

10) The oil made from brazil nuts is used as a lubricant in clocks.

11) The oil is also used for making artist's paints and in the cosmetics industry.

12) In the Brazilian Amazon the tree bark of the brazil nut is brewed into a tea to treat liver ailments and diseases.

13) The oil of the brazil nut is used in soaps, shampoos and hair conditioning/repair products.

14) The oil also acts as a wonderful skin moisturerizer.

15) The oil in the skin creams helps lubricate the skin, provides antioxident benefits, helps prevent dryness and leaves skin soft.

16) Brazil nuts are also thought to boost fertility. The selenium present in the nuts is vital for fertlility in men and women.

17) The Vitamin E present in the brazil nut is known to help in healing of sunburns and psoriasis.

18) The magnesium present in the nuts is considered a mineral that is also very supportive to nerve function and regulation of blood sugars.

19) The zinc in the nut helps to promote a greater sense of smell and taste.

20) It is also excellent for weight loss.

1. Recommended dosage of selenium for men 75 micrograms and for women 55 micrograms.

2. Shelled brazil nuts can be eaten whole as a snack or even covered in chocolate.

3. The nuts can be sliced, chopped or ground, used in sweet dishes such as cakes, cookies, salads etc.

4. To open a brazil nut shell, soak them in water then boil them, it helps in softening the shell.

Remember this is just not a ordinary nut we are talking about here.

What we don't seem to realise is that these nuts have a lot of benefits to our body. So go ahead and try it.

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