Bitters Benefits

Health Benefits of Bitters

Hi, I am Vanita Gupta and welcome to my article on "Benefits of Bitters".

Bitters are a compilation of various bitter-tasting herbs which serve as a tonic for overall vitality.

Bitters have held an important place in traditional medicine in cultures all over the world.

Bitter herbs include artichoke leaf,angelica,dandelion,gentian root,chamomile,yarrow,wormwood and many others.

Bitters enjoy a rather limited popularity in North America,but are quite popular in Europe.

Now on its benefits...

1) Artichoke leaves help lower bad cholesterol,combat kidney display,help calm and eliminate diarrhoea,vomiting,nausea and help to control heartburn,bloating and abdominal pain.

2) Blessed thistle is known to control and reduce gas issues after a meal.

3) Blessed thistle is known for helping us in several areas that include healing wounds,skin ulcers,acne,and many others.

4) Chamomile,the mildly bitter herb soothes colds,reduce gum inflammation,or even to combat diaper rash or chicken pox.

5) Fennel herb helps to combat anxiety,depression,and respiratory congestion as well as its benefits for the digestive system.

6) Fennel also works hand in hand with the fight against cancer,as those who are going through chemotherapy can take fennel afterwards to help rebuild their digestive system.

7) Gentian herb is very for digestion with its ability to increase gastric secretions,promote healthy digestion,and calm an upset stomach.

8) Orange peel has been used for years to work as an anti-inflammatory regimen and curbs issues with digestion.

9) Orange peel is also a remedy for lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

10) Yarrow was used durin the Roman times to heal wounds.It's still used effectively today to help stop bleeding.

11) Yarrow,a mildly bitter herb,also helps resolve stomach pains and muscle spasms.

12) The biggest benefit to wormwood is its ability to control and prevent irritable bowel syndrome.

13) A little dose of wormwood herb will also help to alleviate heartburn.

14) Herbal bitters are used to cure the hiccups.

15) Swedish bitters strengthen the digestive organs,including the liver and retun our metabolic system to homeostasis,so that we can digest nutrients properly.

16) This herbal tonic also helps to restore and rejuvenate the immune system.

17) Swedish bitters when taken about two weeks before delivery can ease childbirth.

18) Swedish bitters can help to alleviate the inflammation of the nipple that can happen during nursing.

19) Swedish bitters may help expectant mothers overcome morning sickness as long as the elixir used is in a nonalcoholic base.

20) Swedish bitters tinctures can also be topically applied to the skin to alleviate inflammation and soreness.

I hope i am able to provide many health and general benefits of these herbal herbs.

I definitely will try some of them and will suggest you the same.

I Vanita Gupta am making my way off this article. See tou soon, Goodbye!

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