Bayleaves Benefits

Health Benefits of Bayleaves

Hello! Everyone, I am Neerja Bhatnagar with my article the benefits of bay leaves.

I have compiled this information after extensive research on bay leaves to provide you with some eye-opening facts which will help you to understand the wonder herb 'Laurus nobilis' [the scientific name of bay Leaves].

To start with the introduction I would like to share the following information with you-

Bay leaves is an aromatic and flavorful, culinary herb. It is often used as a synonym for Indian bay leaves and California laurel leaves .It is also known as sweet bay.

It is widely used in Europe and North America .The other varieties of it are used in their respective countries as an important ingredient while cooking the food. In India it is one the most important part of ‘Garam Masala’ [combination of ten to fifteen spices grounded together].
It has a sharp, pungent and bitter taste hence preferred to be used while sautéing. It imparts a special flavor to the item cooked.

The color of the bay leaves may range from light dull green color to bright green shade. The fresh Leaves are greener than the pale one.

The green leaves have a milder fragrance as compared to the dull green leaves which have stronger fragrance. Hence preferred more in  for grounding purpose and  adding flavour.

Its origin is Asia Minor which also spread to the Mediterranean regions which have suitable climate for growing. The cold climate of Northern regions are unsuitable for growing it.

The Laurel tree from which the bay leaves come from is symbolically and literally very important in Greece and Rome. It’s a symbol of honor in many ancient mythologies.

The bay leaves fragrance is herbal, mildly floral and resembles to oregano and thyme.

In India it is known as ‘Tejpatta'. After cooking it is removed from the cooked food as it can cause choking. The leaf is quite stiff and hard to chew hence taken care to remove from the food.

Turkey is one of the main countries to export it.  France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Central America, North America and INDIA have a proper climate to cultivate this wonder herb.

Keeping the curiosity of my readers on move, I start with the benefits of the bay leaves .There are innumerable qualities of it which has made it to be called as a’ wonder herb.’

1. The bay leaves stimulates the appetite so it is really good for children.

2. It reduces the excessive flatulence in the body.

3. It has unique property of healing bruises due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities.

4. Due to presence of bay oil, it has a property to heal the sprains.

5. It has the unique quality of healing gastric ulcers. It soothes the intestinal lining and heals it.

6. The bay leaves has the property to improve the hair growth which is very interesting for all ages.

7. It has a very important quality to stop the hair fall. I assure that persons suffering from baldness would love to add this in their food items. It can also be used in small amounts  in powder form along with Henna[Mehendi]  .This can be made into a  paste form and applied on to the  hair.

8. It cures the dandruff very effectively.

9. It improves the skin tone. The blood circulation is increased resulting in better complexion.

10. Bay oil or oils of bay eases to overcome the rheumatic pain.

11. The oil of bay leaves comforts the epilepsy victims as per Iranian tradition medicine.

12. The bay leaves have the property to cure furuncles [skin boils].

13. It has great power of healing deep wounds.

14. The bay Leaves act as an emmenagogue which cures absence of menstruation [amenorrhea].

15. It also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. It is good for teenage girls .

16. It acts as an astringent also. It controls the oil secretion from  the glands when brought into use.

17. It helps the bronchitis patient also.

18. In middle ages it was used as an Abortifacient [to induce abortion].

19. It also stimulates the bile flow in our body.

20. It is a diaphoretic agent too as it promotes sweating in a person hence good for the health.

21. It is a carminative by nature [helps in digestion].

22. It tones and strengthens the muscles of stomach.

23. It helps to lower down the blood sugar level hence recommended by doctors to diabetic patients.

24. It has unique property to heal the migraine patients due to the presence of ‘PARTHENOLIDE COMPOUNDS’ in it.

25. It has a great  property to fight  against various minor infections.

26. It is used in pantry to repel meal moths, flies and cockroaches.

27. It is also used in perfumery.

28. It has shown some signs to help cancer patients in overcoming the pain.

29. It is also helpful for patients suffering from leukemia.

30. It is also anticonvulsant by nature.

31. It is seen to comfort the person suffering with an ear pain.

32. It is emetic by nature.

33. It helps in comforting the influenza patients also.

34. It has insecticidal properties due to the presence of lauric acid in it.

So friends didn’t you find it exciting?

It is known for many good reasons hence an important part of our spices.

So do not delay to include it in your grocery list as the magical herb is a silent healer and has a wide spectrum to heal diseases slowly but steadily.

I hope it was interesting for the readers. Now I am making my way off this article and leaving you all, to think once again, the great benefits of the bay Leaves.

Author’s profile- Ms. Neerja Bhatnagar is an environmentalist, a lecturer, a social worker, a classical dancer and a soft-skill trainer/ consultant. She is a recipient of various academics and literary accolades including President’s Gold Medal and Directors Silver Medals at university level. Travelling and good music are her passion. Presently she is engaged in pursuing an advanced diploma in counseling and guidance.

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