Avocado Benefits

Health Benefits of Avocado

The solution for healthy and long life which is full of energy and activity is directly associated to diet which contain hundreds of special nutrients macro as well as micro.

Nature has blessed earth with lots of green rich resources humans can explore and get benefited from it. One of them is AVOCADO.

Eat an avocado everyday if you are recuperating from sickness and are trying to regain your strength.

Every part of the plant is useful in various preparations .It has following uses,
1- Health Benefit.
2- Nutritional Benefit.
3- Medicinal Benefit.
4- Beauty Benefit.
5- Used as food, can be added to various cooked dishes.
6- Oils, pastes and fats are prepared from it for various uses.

Scientist have moved avocado from the traditional Mediterranean diet especially Mexico to a Western cuisine which is much rich in saturated fatty oil, proteins and sugars.

Avocado is fruit, the reproductive part of the plant, nutty in savor and slightly bitter in taste. It is mainly found in subtropical and tropical regions of central and South America. It is cultivated in California and Florida, though their size varies.

An avocado is popularly known as the alligator pear because of the shape and rough skin of its most common variety. Other types are larger in size and the colors vary from dark green to crimson.

It ripens only after it is picked up from the tree. Mature fruit will remain unspoiled for 6 months on the tree if uncut.

Avocado have more protein than any other fruit- approx. 2g in a 4-oz (115-g ) serving.

Avocado contains approx. 200 calories in a 4-oz servings.

A medium sized (8-oz/230-g) California avocado contains about 30g of fat –almost twice the size of its Florida cousin and more calories than any other fruit. It contains 85% calorie from monosaturated fat content.

1.  Avocado is packed with lots of nutrition, mutually tenders several vitamins and it assists body to take up extra nutrients from other foods.

2.  A rich source of Folate, vitamin A, potassium.

3.  It contains useful amount of protein, iron, magnesium, and vitamins C, E and B6.

4.  It acts as a superior food for nervous system with the help of vitamins which acts as a neurotransmitters.

5.  Calcium and magnesium content can calm and aid restorative sleep.

6.  It lessens the possibilities of acquiring prostate cancer in men.

7.  It also lessens the possibilities of acquiring breast cancer in women.

8. Studies also say that it reduces the probability of oral cancer.

9.  Lutein present in it is essential for eyes. It reduces different vision difficulties as the person grows older.

10.  Avocado safe guards the eyes from the development of cataracts and macular degeneration.

11.  It increases energy.

12.  Makes dieting more effective.

13.  Processing avocado under cold pressing produces high quality oil with lower acid content and oxidation products.

14.  It has Vitamin E, which aids in enhancing skin appearance by changing the complexion to very nice.

15.  Avocados are rich in monosaturated oil, the same heart friendly fat like olive oil, Studies says say that it is better than olive oil for reducing LDL, cholesterol level which is harmful to heart causing CHD.

16. Avocado is rich in two Phytochemicals, Beta –Sitosterol. It leads to lowering of cholesterol level.

17.  Absorbed Sitosterol level from avocado increases Plasminogen activation in coagulation pathway which is lowered by cholesterol.

18. Sitosterol in avocado lowers the risk of CHD the heart disease
19. Avocado have monosaturated fatty acids which is useful for diabetics in combination with proper exercise and diet.

20.  Avocado has Glutathione, an antioxidant that may offer protection against cancers.

21. Avocado extracts motivates rat uterus in vitro and combination of spasmatic effects in small intestine.

22.  It has the presence of anti tumor flavanoids called flavan-3-4-diol which lessens the tumor size.

23.  Avocado can be added to hot dishes , tossed with spicy pasta sauce or sliced atop a broiled chicken breast and also salads.

24.  It can be mashed and seasoned and can be served as a dip, or a sandwich spread.

25.  The extracts of fruit and leaves can be utilized in beautification of skin like virgin avocado oil rich in chlorophyll.

26.  It is used as filling in several kind of sushi and rolls and can also be mixed with rice.

27. In some places it  used in milkshakes, ice-creams and desserts.

28.  In south America its consumption is wide spread in form of puree in hot dogs, hamburgers and Caesar salad.

29.  Some native American tribes uses it in mixing and application of adobe.

30.  The fruit can be used as an aphrodisiac.

31. It contains avocadene( a unique fatty alcohol) to cure human digestive ailments.

32.  Pulp is considered  to be anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti malignant.

Miscellaneous applications of avocado are remedy for respiratory diseases, menstrual problems, arthritis and tumors. Tea and juices also can be prepared.

Avocado is considered to be a almost complete food. In certain parts of the world babies are weaned using mashed avocado.

Various variety of the fruit is cultivated as a cash crop according to its requirement in different part of the world.

Interestingly it can be grown even in your back yard or The supply is enough in the super markets all around, go and get it.

With its flavor, texture, nutritional, medicinal and culinary versatility it becomes highest natural achievement s , only humans cultivated the methods of growing the species in 150 different varieties.

It is a fruit of future, AN AVOCADO a DAY keeps the DOCTOR away.