Apple Juice Benefits

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

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Benefits of Apple Juice
The often repeated phrase – ‘An Apple a day keeps doctor away!’ holds true after all. We all are aware of long list of health of Apples, but do you know that the same holds true for Apple Juices as well.

Apple juice is a great thirst quencher! No matter where you are, what the occasion is or what time it is, apple juice is perfect for all times. Apple juice is a type of fruit juice, which is made by squashing and squeezing apples.

Apple juice is inexpensive when compared to the other juices. You get them nearly everywhere.

Apple juice is not only an excellent thirst reliever but also helps in overcoming many disturbances, which we may feel in our body. So for the individuals observing a healthful dietary regimen, the nutritional benefits of this ‘virtuous’ juice are:

1. The first benefit is that it is rich in important nutrients and vitamins which may help protect the body from certain illnesses, such as the common cold.

2. It consists of various vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The Vitamin A, comes from the raw apple peel. It improves our vision. Vitamin C on the other hand, is a good antioxidant and it also improves our immunity. Small traces of vitamin K, vitamin B1 or thiamine, vitamin B2, B3 as well as vitamin E are also present in the apple juice.

3. The pectin present in the apple juice soothes our intestines and also helps us during constipation. It also balances the good and the bad bacteria in the colon.

4. The pure apple juice benefits us by helping in the proper digestion and it also gets rid of any harmful toxins from our body. This in turn, reduces diseases in liver and kidneys.

5. Since apples as well as apple juices have natural sugars present in them, they increase our energy level.

6. The fiber content in apple juices reduces the risk of heart attack which does not allow cholesterol to form in our blood vessels. The apple juice consists of a compound called the phytonutrients. This compound reduces the impact of the LDL or the bad cholesterol in our body. The LDL causes a plaque inside the wall of the coronary artery which leads to atherosclerosis.

7. The anti-oxidant effect of apple juices prevents diseases like cancer.

8. Since apple juices are rich in potassium, they are good for the older people. This is because they reduce any kind of arthritis pain or rheumatism. The juice is also believed to contain traces of boron which promotes healthy bones.

9. Apple juice has a high mineral content. Minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, magnesium, copper, zinc and chlorine help in maintaining a smooth, glowing skin as well as healthy finger nails and hair.

10. A significant concentration of poly phenols present in apple juice increases the anti-ageing factors of the body.

11. Apple juice increases the acetylcholine content in the brain and aids in increasing one’s memory power.

12. The soluble fiber present in Apple juice, binds with radioactive residues and remove them from the body.

13. Apple juice contains Malic and Tartaric acids that can help to protect the lungs from the damage caused by smoking.

14. Two different types of apple juice concentrate are made – cloudy and clear. Pectin and starch are removed to make clear apple juice concentrate which retailers prefer because of its longer shelf life. Many manufacturers choose to make the clear variety because they think consumers favor the more attractive clear juice. Recent research has found that the cloudy juice with pulp particles contains more antioxidants and is therefore healthier than clear apple juice. In a study of four different apple juices, the cloudy juice was much more effective at attacking and binding free radicals (free radicals damage the body and cause disease). The cloudy juice held approximately four times the amount of polyphenols (antioxidant plant compounds) than the clear juice, which lost the antioxidants during its clarification and filtration process.

15. Research on asthma has shown that apple juice consumers (with asthma) had lower risk of respiratory disease and better lung function than asthma patients who did not consume apples or apple juice.

16. Drinking apple juice while eating a hamburger can help protect your body from the fats in the burger. In fact if you are on diet, to lose weight, drinking a glass of apple juice helps in boosting immune system by 20% which leads to burning of more fats in the body.

17. Apple juice is also very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in anyone and is digested easily – probably that is the basic reason behind why it is recommended by pediatricians as a first juice for infants.

18. Apple juice is quite versatile because it can be used as a basis for other fruit drinks, and can be served in a variety of ways. It can be heated and spiced, mixed with other fruit juices and served chilled as punch, or even frozen into fruit pops. Apple juice is low in calories and sodium, and contains no fat.

19. Women are recommended apple juice as first post labor food. It helps in reducing bleeding and increases growth of blood cells.

20. If honey is added in apple juice, then it helps in curing – Anemia, Gout , Skin diseases, Sprue , Dysentery, Diabetes, Digestive disorders, Obesity , Disease of tooth, Cold & Asthma and Stress.

21. It also helps in regulating menstruation.

22. If you are making apple juice at home, it is important to know that apple peel contains a significant amount of vitamin and menials, so you must not discard that.

Instead of having an aerated drink with your meal, choose apple juice. It is a very appropriate beverage for both children and adults, as apple juice provides essential antioxidants and nutrients with a universally appealing sweet flavor.

To get the greatest health benefits from apple juice, choose a product that is 100% juice, and go with the cloudy variety.

Just a glass of apple juice can keep as fit and healthy.

So what are you waiting for…Go just have it and GRAB all the healthy benefits of APPLE JUICE.

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