Acai Berry Benefits

Health Benefits of Acai Berry

Hello, I am Dr. Ankita Thakker and hereby I am presenting a series of articles on fruits and vegetables which can be added to your regular lives to help you enhance your lifestyles.

Hereby comes the first amongst the series“30 BENEFITS OF ACAI BERRY.”

I have compiled this article on the basis of extensive research for the same.

Acai Berry famous as “miracle fruit”, “super fruit”, “best of all fruits” is entitled with these names because of its wide spectrum in serving you.

Ever thought of a fruit which can help you in every and anything you think of!

Right from the beauty to immunity, weight loss to gaining energy, anti-ageing effect to improved digestion, mental clarity to improved sleep you name it and this fruit will help you.

It is freely available in form of tablets, juices, yoghurt, instant drink powder and fruit pulp.              
Most recently, Dr. Perricone called the Acai Berry “The #1 Superfood in the World.” Additionally, this wonder supplement has been featured on Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, and numerous health and fitness magazines.

The Acai Berry is changing lives throughout the world, and it’s here to stay.
The reason for this nomenclature of super fruit, miracle fruit would be crystal clear by the end of this article.

With this brief introduction lets move on to see the benefits of this fruit.

This amazing fruit from Amazon is popular worldwide for variety of uses.

Here are the 30 benefits listed below:

1.A wonderful Antioxidant: Being the highest antioxidant in the world it has 10 times more antioxidant level than that of grapes and twice than that of blueberry. The Acai Berry is rich in compounds called as Anthocyanins which are very powerful antioxidants. The interesting aspect herein is that the antioxidant properties of Anthocyanin are retained even after they are consumed by another organism.

2.Lowers Cholesterol: Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which are considered as healthy fatty acids, Acai Berry plays a major role in lowering the cholesterol in the blood.

3.Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: This super fruit is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E. Besides these, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and copper are very much a part of this fruit. What else do you want for a healthy glowing skin.

4.Full of Fiber: The statistics state that being a fruit, this fruit has a very strong fiber profile. Every 100 grams of dried frozen Acai powder, 14 grams of fiber is present. Fiber may help to lower blood cholesterol and promotes a healthy digestive system.

5.Anti-ageing effect:  Acai Berry helps in slowing the ageing process. The anti-ageing effect is a result of Anthocyanins and the vitamins present in this fruit. Anthocyanins which are the best antioxidants helps in slowing the ageing process by fighting off free radicals.

6.Also antioxidants speed up the process of cell division which reduce wrinkles and give you a healthier, glowing skin.

7.Acai berry is very famous across the globe for its weight losing properties. When combined with a specified diet it definitely helps in losing weight.

8.Energy booster: Acai Berry helps you keep active and this energy level burns off the calories by working actively. Once you start with an Acai Berry in your regular diet you will experience that words like sleepiness, laziness, mid day crashes are vanished from your dictionary.

9.Better Sleep: With the increased ability to work better comes the benefit of sound sleeping after a good day’s toil. Many people with lack of sufficient sleep cannot work well and efficiently. With good sleep you can work more effectively and efficiently and which in turn will help you burn your extra calories also.

10.As a detoxifying agent it eliminates the harmful toxins from the body making it healthier, clean and supple for work.

11.Improves digestion: Acai Berry helps in breaking down your food more effectively thus preventing the excessive storage of fat in the body. Another star in the weight loss session of this super fruit.

12.Boosts the immunity which is definitely a blessing. Improves disease resistance.

13.Improves vision:  With its high Vitamin A content that is 1000 IU in every 100 grams of Acai, this fruit aids in better vision as well.

14.Prolongs your life: By preventing ageing and increasing your immunity this fruit definitely pays an important part in prolonging your life by keeping you young, energetic and disease free.

15.A healthy heart: This fruit helps in maintaining your blood pressure, maintaining your cholesterol levels, strengthens your heart, and thus plays a important role on the cardiovascular system.

16.Cancer and Acai Berry: Sounds strange but often called as miracle fruit this helps in inhibiting the tumor growth and plays a part in preventing and fighting against cancer. It also reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

17.Promotes normal blood sugar.

18.Helps in good sexual function: The high level of energy content and antioxidants help you maintain your sexual life good and exciting.

19.Stress and Anxiety:  These things are palliated by this super fruit again due to the rich contents of antioxidants in them.

20.A very good memory enhancer: It improves your memory and provides good mental clarity and focus to you.

21.Effect on Blood: Improves circulation, improves the lymphocyte count, helps to builds strong blood.

22.Effect on Muscles and Bones: A very good fruit after workouts. It strengthens the muscles and bones. Helps in fighting fibromyalgia, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions of joints.

23.Increases the injury recovery and helps in reducing the physical injuries giving a perfectly healthy skin.

24.It is effective in mood swings as well and can be used to palliate menopausal symptoms.

25.Can be used in depression as it improves the mood.

26.Increases your overall strength.

27.Promotes overall wellness.

28.It also prevents allergies by developing resistance.

29.Helps you look and feel younger.

30.It is very good for children as it increases their immunity and helps in their good health.

So this is how this wonderful fruit can help us with its array of qualities.

Hope this information helps to add on a juicy, yummy fruit to your regular diet.

With its amazing qualities it will surely help your overall development.

Don’t you think got go and grab some Acai Berries as soon as possible!!!!

Got to take your leave now will be back soon with a new fruit or vegetable to add on to your diet.

Author Brief bio: Dr. Ankita Thakker is a practicing Homeopathic Consultant and is specializing in the field of psychology. She is also a Child Health Specialist, Reiki Healer, Acupressure Therapist, Clinical Research Scientist, Medical Coder and is currently working into the field of psychology.

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