Abalone Benefits

Health Benefits of Abalone

Hi,I am Vanita Gupta and welcome to my article on " Benefits of Abalone"

Abalone - The sexiest food alive!

Abalone, Bao yu or Sea ear is a large marine snail with a beautiful iridescent shell on the outside and a muscular foot.

Fossils show Abalone existed 100 million years ago.

Different varieties of Abalone are- Fresh California red abalone, Australian abalone etc.

The objective of this article is to help you know about the wonders of this sea food and tempt you to have at least give it a try.

Now on to its benefits...

1. Nutritional Highlights- 100g of raw abalone
vitamin E- 3.4IU
vitamin B12- 0.6mcg
selenium- 38mcg
omega-3- 0.49g
magnesium- 40mg
sodium- 301mg
protein- 17.1g
calories- 105g
total fat- 0.76g
cholesterol- 85mg

2. Abalone is highly regarded in Asian culture for its health benefits and is believed to promote healthy eyes,alleviate colds,reduce fluid retention and improve circulation.

3. Expert believes that abalone may help prevent and treat debiliating health conditions including arthritis.

4. Abalone enhances a sense of happiness,fun,liveliness and frivolity,coupled with an inner peace and contentment.It strengthens bones and the heart.

5. Abalone is good for women's skin and to maintain youthfulness.It is rich in phosphorus and radium.

6. Abalone extract may be beneficial for....
- weight loss
- inflammation
- Crohon's disease
- enhance recovery
- increase circulation
- immune system stimulant
- soften skin
- brittle and damaged hair
- increase vitality
- improve eyesight
- enhance the function of the liver and spine.

7. Abalone is used for common ailments such as muscle building,protection of the tissue,common heart issues,and aids in digestion when used for healing purposes.This also helps stimulate psychic development,spiritual connection,creativity,imagination and expansion of third eye.

8. The New Zealand Paua is a memeber of the abalone family.It's meat is said to have healing properties,being rich in minerals,vitamins and protein. It is believed to contribute to the strengthening of muscle tissues around the heart.It is also believed to hold the energy of the sea and have the power to promote serenity and creativity.

9. Abalone shell contains a variety of elements including calcium,iron,magnesium,sodium and silicon, and several chemical compounds,including aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

10.Abalone shell is used to treat conditions such as vertigo,dizziness,blurred vision,headaches and eye-related pain, and to improve visual acuity.

11.Abalone is useful for handling and calming emotional situations and is very soothing to the mind / body.Abalone is associated with all the chakra energies.In particular,it seems to work the best on the solar plexus chakra stimulating that gut feeling.It is especially good for the heart chakra as it gently clears the heart of fear,sorrow and negative emotions.

12.When cooked ( fried ),abalone provides 0.149g of omega-3 fatty acids derived from eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA) (0.054g ) and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) (0.095g), per each 100g of abalone...These acids are beneficial for...

a. in the treatment of angina.

b.people suffering from chronic bronchitis may experience an improvement in symptoms when consuming a diet high in anti-inflammator fatty acids.

c.it reduces the risks of cancers of the mouth,throat,stomach,colon,rectum,pancreas,lung,breast and prostate.

d.diets low in omega-3 fatty acids have been associated with more menstrual pain.

e.it lowers blood pressure,and can control hypertension.The effect depends on the amount used.

f.it reduces the risk of developing age -related muscular degeneration.

g.it reduces the symptoms of migraine headaches.

h.foods high in omega-3 fatty acids may decrease lupus-induced inflammation.

i.elderly women with osteoporosis when given omega-3 fatty acid had improved calcium absorption and resulted in evidence of new bone formation.

j.it has protective effects against asthma in children and pregnant mothers.

k.it has the essential building blocks for brain and eye tissue.

l.people who take omega-3 fatty acids are less likely to develop blood clots,likely to have more elastic blood vessels and lower blood pressure and lower fat levels in the blood.

m.it reduces the chances of getting dementia in elderly people-another brain protective effect.

n.it reduces depression.

o.it helps to regulate blood sugar and keeps it steady.

p.it reduces the risk of delivering premature babies in pregnant mothers.

I hope i am able to provide many nutritional and general benefits of abalone.

I am pretty sure you are now keen to have a taste of this amazing sea food.

I Vanita Gupta am making my way off this article and will try to get my hands on this sound so yummy and nutritious food as soon as possible.

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